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Shitokai - Scotland's largest Shitoryu Karate Association

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WKF Success in Europe for Amiee Pollard  


At the recent WKF event in Sofia, Bulgaria, Shitokai's Amiee Pollard took bronze after a hard fought path to the podium. A fantastic and well deserved achievement from an athlete destined for big things.

Silver Medal For Amy Connell at the K1 Premier League in Paris January 2017



A letter from Terry Connell to the BKF

Dear BKF Executive

Following on from our meeting in Linz and in full agreement with the WKF president, Mr Espinos and Mr Mike Kassis, President of the Commonwealth Karate Federation, [CKF] I met with Mrs Louise Martin, President of the Commonwealth Games Federation [CGF] yesterday, in what could be described as the first formal step in Karate’s application to become a full and participating member of the CGF. Following an exchange of pleasantries, I proceeded to brief Mrs Martin on the WKF infrastrucure and the WKF team, led by Mr Espinos and Nagura san, who steered us superbly in to the Olympics and assured her we had their support on any future CGF application. 

During the talks it became clear the CGF were planning 6-8, even 10 years ahead and that Karate was not on their radar. I took the opportunity to offer an option, an option that would be viewed as progressive and visionary. I suggested that she, as a new President, has the opportunity to leave a legacy, a legacy for youth, much the same as Mr Thomas Bach and the IOC did in late 2014 when he gathered his executive and embarked on a modernisation plan and successfully proposed new, youth friendly sports at the Rio conference for inclusion in the Tokyo 2020 Games.
I put it to Mrs Martin that Karate, with its huge youth appeal, low production costs and dynamic format, will be one of the highlights of the Tokyo Games in 2020. I suggested the CGF could embrace that energy by having Karate, expand its connection with the youth and benefit enormously from the impact on the CGF social media sites with “Likes and Hits”  going global as they communicate with each other. I also pointed out the CGF is known as the ‘Friendly Games” and the way to enhance that image is to appeal to the young. 

The meeting lasted over one hour and Mrs Martin showed great interest in what Karate had to offer and could not have been more gracious or helpful in the discussions. She has invited me down to London in early January to have talks with her Director of Sport, Mr Matt Curtain. It would be in our interests if I had support at that meeting.
I understand from Mrs Martin, that the first step will be to gain recognition from the CGF as a recognised sport and that Mr Curtain will outline what is required of the CKF. This journey will be similar to the Olympic journey embarked upon by Mr Espinos and Nagura san and their involvement, advice and direction will be crucial, if we are to succeed.
I am convinced Mrs Martin left with a far better understanding of our sport and what we had to offer. I am also of the opinion she was very impressed as we touched on our respective values, image, behaviorial etiquette and the respectful manner on which we place so much importance, common values which the WKF and CGF embrace.

Mrs Martin has asked to kept abreast of developments and insisted we pick up the phone if we need assistance, the sincerity of which was evident. I have no formal position in this process but am privileged to help the CKF in any way I can. It may be that after I meet with Mr Curtain in early 2017, my duties can recede and I can then hand the formal process baton over to the CKF. 
In the meantime I will liaise with Mr Kassis on how to proceed with the meeting with Mr Curtain and will of course keep you informed of any developments that may occur before then.  
Terry Connell 
Louise Martin and Terry Connell 14.11.2016 


Shitokai Scotland Junior Championship June 2016

junior champs

The images above are from the Junior Karate Skills championships which took place in June 2016.
We had 122 kids participating. 16 national referees,14 volunteers and over 300 spectators.
Click HERE to see the full gallery. 

Many thanks for your support and look forward to the new season. 

Terry Connell 

Shitokai Scotland at the BKF 4 Nations Championship May 2016


Click HERE to see the gallery of Shitokai Scotland competing at the BKF 4 Nations Championship.

 BKF 4 Nations Championship

May 2016





Shitokai Referees in Europe


May 2016 saw entrants from all over Europe converge in Montpellier, France,

for the 51st EKF Senior Championships.

Representing Scotland was European level referee, and Shitokai's own Rab McQueen.



Congratulations to all from Shitokai Scotland who participated in the senior Dan grading on the 30th of April, 2016, good job everyone.

Gurpal Singh - 1st Dan

Iain Scott - 1st Dan

Breen Tansey - 2nd Dan

Hugh Donaghy - 2nd Dan

Michelle Lindsay - 2nd Dan

Alex Rush - 2nd Dan

Douglas Junner - 2nd Dan

Claire Connelly - 3rd Dan

Andy McIllraith - 3rd Dan

Martin Douglas - 4th Dan

Stephanie Connell - 4th Dan

Jeannette O'Neill - 5th Dan

David Forbes - 6th Dan

Ronnie Stewart - 6th Dan 




European medal success

for Dylan Rush



February 2016 

At the 43rd Juniors, Cadets and U21 EKF championships in Cyprus, Dylan Rush took the Bronze Medal place in the Junior -61kg category. Dylan has added this European Junior medal to his World Cadet bronze medal, and the future looks bright for this talented young man as he moves up through the age groups. Well done Dylan from the Shitokai Scotland family.  


Stephanie Connell appointed as National Kata Coach


January 15th, 2016

The new year brings great news for one of Shitokai's own, Stephanie Connell. Stephanie has been appointed joint National Kata Coach for Shito-ryu competitors. Recognition indeed for Stephanie and the hard work, commitment and vision she embodies in the development of the shito-ryu style of karate.

To top off the news of the joint coach position, Stephanie has also been appointed Head National Kata Coach for all three kata styles (Shito-ryu, Shotokan and Wado-ryu). Fantastic news and very well deserved.



Terry Connell presented with Services to Sport

award in Glasgow 


November 2015 sees Shitokai's own Terry Connell presented with the Services to Sport in Glasgow award, at the beautiful Glasgow City Chambers. Present at the ceremony was Louise Martin,recently elected President of the Commonwealth Games Federation.
Also shown are Dylan Rush and Aimee Pollard, who were also shortlisted for their recent achievements.



 Terry Connell at the European Games

Baku, Azerbaijan. June 2015

As we all know, no British athlete qualified for the inaugural European Games in Baku 2015, however Britain still had a very important role to play in these Games.
Michael Billman and myself represented the European Technical Commission to oversee rule interpretation and Britain’s chief referee, Dale Gamble, had Tatami duties covering many high profile matches including taking charge of a prestigious Kata final.
WKF EC member Mike Dinsdale played a supporting role to President Espinós, who met with highly influential dignitaries, including the president of Azerbaijan, Mr Ibrahim Aleyev, Prince Albert of Monaco and in particular, the head of the International Olympic Committee, Mr Thomas Bach, all of whom attended the Karate finals.
The BKF also had a very important role on the wider issue and that is the lobbying of influential IOC and BOA figures as we drive our application for Olympic inclusion in Tokyo 2020
Michael and I both met with Team GB Chef de Mission, Mark England, who expressed Team GB’s frustration at not having Karate qualification, however they have informed us they wish to continue their relationship with our athletes for the 2019 Games, which is a resounding endorsement for British Karate.
I met with Leah Davies, marketing director of the British Olympic Association, whilst Michael met with BOA CEO, Bill Sweeney. Both BOA representatives had a real handle on the Karate situation in Britain and indeed our drive for Tokyo 2020, which they acknowledged would be a game changer in Britain.
Mr Sweeney and Leah Davies expressed interest in our events and will be extended a formal invitation to the British Open at the Emirates this September.
Vice President of the IOC, Sir Craig Reedie and I had a very friendly meeting at the finals and his interest in Karate has deepened significantly over the past few years. One should not underestimate the influence Sir Craig holds within the IOC HQ in Lausanne, his support for this event and indeed medal presentation 
at the British Open 2014 could prove significant, as his council will be sought by Mr Bach before any decision, expected this September.
The visit by Mr Thomas Bach, President of the IOC was of the utmost importance, the IOC is on a modernisation programme and he speaks of the need for youth inclusion, which is a perfect fit for Karate.
Mr Sasagawa, President of the Japan Karate Federation, was also in attendance as was Mr Toshie Nagura, General Secretary of the WKF, both have been lobbying very hard in Japan and Mr Nagura in particular, is a long standing friend and close confidant of the BKF exchanging information on a regular basis.
As we approach decision time this September I do not think the WKF, JKF or indeed British Karate, could have worked any harder in their search for an Olympic legacy for future generations. 

Best regards 
Terry Connell
President BKF


womens day 


 WKF World Championships

Bremen, Germany. 5-9th November 2014 

 del boy

 Derek Darvell (Shitokai Scotland), takes bronze at the 22nd WKF World championships in Bremen, Germany. Derek has Aspergers and won bronze in the Learning Disabilities category.


BKF British Karate Open

27th Sept 2014

Emirates Arena, Glasgow, Scotland


The British International Open 2014 took place in Glasgow at the superb Emirates arena, host venue for the 2104 Commonwealth Games. With over 1250 entries from 19 nations, this was the biggest karate event ever held in Britain. The 9 Mat area took just under 12 hours to complete thanks to meticulous planning and implementation by the event team and the professionalism of the 61 WKF/EKF/BKF and National Referees and officials who supervised the Tatami. The event was live streamed through the Sportdata website and was observed by over 30 countries from 4 continents. The medals were evenly spread with some notable performances from the foreign visitors who were using the championships as a preparation for the WKF World championships in Bremen this November. We also had a disability Kata category and 2 of those who participated will compete in Bremen, in the first ever WKF disability category. We were honoured to have the Vice President of the International Olympic Committee, Sir Craig Reedie and his wife Lady Rosemary, interrupt their Ryder Cup Golf weekend to come and present some of the medals. This was a huge endorsement from Sir Craig who is one of the most respected figures in the IOC. He and his wife were drawn to the children’s 10-11 year old Kumite event and stayed for over 2 hours chatting to the young kids, giving them encouragement and learning the finer details of our wonderful sport. Lady Rosemary being Irish, took great pride and pleasure in watching an all Ireland Female final, giving the girls deserved congratulations at the end.
I think the highlight was when one of the kids, wee Harry, came off the mat and gave sir Craig and Lady Rosemary a high 5 hand slap after winning silver!! Lady Rosemary could not hide her delight and Sir Craig’s response endeared him to the watching crowd. The next Open will be In Glasgow on September 5th 2015 and we look forward to seeing you there.         
Warmest regards Terry Connell: President.  

promo vid

To view the BKF promotional video click on the link -


Some images from the day..... 



 The British Open even made the front page of the WKF website. Sir Craig Reedie, VP of the IOC, our own Terry Connell, BKF President, oh, and wee Harry....



 Senior Dan Grading

Congratulations and well done to all from Shitokai Scotland who done their Dan grading in October.  

To our new black belts, welcome to the Dan club.


1st Dan:
Alex Rush
Breen Tansey
Gordon Wishart
Hugh Donaghy
Kelsey Cox
Lawrie Elder
Douglas Junner

 2nd Dan:

Heather McIlraith
Ian Miller
Marion Hay

 3rd Dan:

Derek Darvell
Frank McKay
Kathleen Connell
Kyriacos Kyriacou
Nick Bhatti
Stephen Blake

 5th Dan:

Alan Miller

 Well deserved everyone, well done. 


 Shitokai at the Polish Open

Early October 2014 saw a team from Shitokai Scotland compete at the 8th Polish Open, with three club members competing. Dylan Rush took Bronze medal in he own weight category, then went on to take the gold medal in the open weight category.

Fantastic performances from Dylan earned him the accolades, and his first cash prize.

Well done Dylan from all the Shitokai family.

Dylan poland  




Shitokai at the World Youth Cup


June and July saw a team from Shitokai Scotland attend the 7th WKF youth training camp, and then compete in the WKF youth cup in Croatia. Spirited performances by all six team members yielded two medals overall, a bronze for Johny Gilmour in the Kumite, and a silver for Chris Scott in the kata. This follows on from both Johny and Chris medalling at the same event last year in Greece. Fantastic performances and results from all the young men involved (team pic L-R Jordan Szafranek, Ryan Miller, Johny Gilmour, coach Stephanie Connell, Chris Scott, Dylan Rush, David NcCreight).







First Annual Shitokai Active Schools Championships



Sunday 1st of June 2014 saw the inaugural Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire Active Schools Annual Karate Championships take place in Renfrew. Open to all primary school age children who regularly participate in the Active Schools programmes run by Shitokai, there were over seventy entries from seven schools. A fun day was had by all, with many trophy winners across all four age groups. We may have seen future karate champions in the making that day! 


Yildiz Aras returns to Scotland




Former World and European kumite champion Yildiz Aras returned to Scotland on the 25th of May 2014, after an invite by Shitokai Scotland. The purpose was to host another of Yildiz' highly sought after seminars, and it was attended by a broad spectrum of competitors and budding amateurs alike. The teachings and knowledge imparted will prove invaluable to those competing, and hoping to compete at European level and above. Representatives of other Scottish clubs such as Satori and Sakai made good use of the opportunity. We all hope to see Yildiz back in Scotland very soon. 




Terry Connell - Scottish and British Karate President

At a recent Scottish AGM, followed by a British AGM the following day, Terry Connell was again asked to serve a further three year term as president of both Scottish and British Karate. A well deserved re-election. 


bkfBKF 4 Nations Karate Championships

17th May 2014

Emirates Arena, Glasgow, Scotland




Glasgow's Emirates arena hosted the BKF's 4 Nations Championship for the second year, and the entries passed the one thousand mark, making it the biggest to date. Shitokai Scotland's medal tally totalled eight in the kata sections; two gold, two silver and four bronze, and fifteen in the kumite sections; six gold, four silver and five bronze. Some amazing results and performances from all who competed.


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